The Pavilion


Keeping the Pavilion at the heart of the community



We wish to inform our customers we will be closing and leaving the Pavilion at the end of April 2018.


The Pavilion (Bentley) CIC was formed in 2011 in response to the unprecedented public sector cuts being imposed by central government.  The staff faced with the potential closure of the Pavilion submitted proposals for a social enterprise based on co-operative principles and not for profit.


In the last six years we have had many successes; we have increased the activity offered to the community from 9 hours per week to 30 hours per week.  This has included establishing and developing our fantastic Trampoline and Gymnastics Club which currently attracts over 200 children and young people each week.  In tandem with this our weekend events have also seen a dramatic increase through the hard work of our staff.


We were the main stakeholders to the Council in the Parks for People Heritage Lottery Fund project and made a significant contribution by writing the funding applications on behalf of the Council to secure the project and the £2.75 million grant.


Over the last few months we have been having discussions with the Council regarding extending our lease for another ten years whilst the Council have also raised with us their aspirations for The Pavilion to provide public toilets for the Park and also to develop a Park Café to support its Green Flag status.  We have carefully considered these requests however we feel it would undermine our financial sustainability and as such could not agree to provide these.


The Council has now made the decision to not renew the lease on a long term basis and instead grant a six month extension, which we have agreed to.  This will then allow them the time to consider a range of options for the future of the Pavilion.


At this stage it is unclear whether anyone will be taking over or if the building will remain closed after that date.


We hope to continue to work with the Council over the coming months to secure the future of The Pavilion.


We would like to take this final opportunity to thank our past and current customers for their support of the Pavilion.


Andy & Janet



The Pavilion (Bentley) CIC